2014 - 2018 RetroGarde writer, director, producer, actor, storyboards, vfx

A quantum AI inadvertently connects to a never-released cyberpunk vampire game from the early '90s, bringing the characters to life in a virtual city called The Hive, unaware that their existence is crashing all computers in the real world and soon hackers will invade the virtual world to destroy it from within.

At the end of 2014, I unsuspectingly created the first sketch for an idea. A few weeks later we shot a little teaser. At that time everything was thought very small, but the response was gigantic. More and more talented artists and actors quickly found their way into the project and in 2016 we won the first place at the YourTurn Award, endowed with €25,000. Over the next 8 months I wrote 3 versions of the 135 page script, storyboarded every shot, planned and organized for 17 days of shooting until we ran out of money. No further financing was found, so I had to put the ambitious project on hold in mid-2018. I have never invested so much time and effort in any project as in this one. No project has taught me as much as this one, and even if it didn't finish, it helped me tremendously to grow as an artist.



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